our why...

Life is not about collecting regrets. Do you want to spend your whole life living in your comfort zone? Be brave! You'll love every minute of it! This life is too short not to explore it. Rock it. Enjoy it!

Intimate lifestyle photography is not a trend, it is a movement. It allows women to accept their sexuality and express it. Through our work, women are allowed to say, yes, I like sex just as much as a man does and I am not ashamed of that. It allows them to take back and own it. I see shooting intimate lifestyle photography as a call to action to help men, women, gay, straight, or no category, to be able to express their sexuality freely. For it is to be okay to stand up and say "I like sex, dressing this way does not mean I am asking for men to hit on me'. Or "I accept and love myself for who I am". Sexuality is a powerful, fundamental part of who we are and we are trying to help our clients own their sexuality in a safe environment without judgement. Because sexuality, emotion and vulnerability are not exclusive of each other. Sexuality is vulnerability. it makes up a huge part of who we are, making the experience very emotional. We understand that our clients are putting their trust in us, and being vulnerable. This takes a lot of courage and we don't take it for granted, the work we get to do with our clients. 

We want to show that sexuality should be freely chosen, not imposed. It is about empowerment, everyone wants to feel beautiful, sexy and wanted. And for a lot of our clients, this is a life changing event. 

The more years that went on with having our business, we had meetings wth our clients and listened to them tell us their stories. We would have mothers that would cry when they saw their photos, saying that they hadn't seen that part of themselves in a long time. As many of the mothers reading this know, when you become a mother, that is sort of it. You are a mother first and foremost. That's what society tells you that you have to be. You start to put everyone else in front of you and start to lose your identity. As human beings our sexuality is a very important part of who we are. And for our clients, we are able to bring them back to that place where they recognize that part of themselves.

As time went on, we would also have clients tell us about how as teenagers and even young women, they were sat down by their parents and told to say pure. They were made to feel like there was something wrong with them because they did want to explore that part of themselves. They were made to feel guilty about it. As we talked to our clients more and more about this, conversations started to arise about the idea that boys will be boys, here's a condom and go have fun! But girls are raised differently without being able to express themselves sexually. If a guy has a lot of sex, he's a stud. If a girl has a lot of sex, she is promiscuous. Why are these two people not seen as equal? Why is it okay for males to enjoy sex, but not women? Society polices how women feel about their sexuality. Our clients felt the psychological damage of societies views on women. That maybe there was something wrong with themselves as individuals. It can even be something as simple as being made to feel bad for wearing heels in the middle of the day, or having a full face of makeup when they're with their kids. Society tells them that all they can be is a mother and nothing else. 

Fighting the good fight...

Combating this archaic view of female sexuality really became the focus of the work. We wanted to provide reassurance to our clients that they were able to express their sexuality and not feel judged for it. We want to express the idea that instead of women being sexual objects, to see them as sexual beings just like men. We are also working towards having nudity and sexuality not be such a taboo subject. Imagine instead that it was common conversation to talk about sex. Then the sex talk would take place without question and then maybe we could actually address rape culture. If as adults we became more comfortable with even the conversation, than maybe we can help the next generation learn how to deal with these issues and decisions later in life. 

A session is a life changing experience...

It's not just a photo shoot, or putting on some cute lingerie and getting your hair done (although those are pretty awesome things on their own). The confidence you will gain will last a life time. The memories of how you felt will never fade. This is about finding the beauty deep inside of you and bringing it to the surface.

All of your intimate lifestyle photos that you'll see of yourself will be fully edited. We provide you with a good sized collection to look through to make your choices for your album. Your experience options are A la carte. It is really simple. The base option includes the shoot itself, with fully edited online proofs to view your images.

Commissions start at $895.00